Shotcrete is a particular way to apply wet concrete over steel reinforcing bars. The concrete mixture is literally sprayed through a special high pressure nozzle.
Its highly specialized form of concreting and requires a large concrete pump, with a pressurized hose.

Unlike traditional concrete, that usually requires formwork and shutters to build up, shotcrete is much, much more flexible and versatile. Demand is increasing more and more in both civil and residential jobs – especially in multi-story developments for basement walls and car parks. Our team always provides the most structural setting possible, and always strives for the perfect finish.

Pro Shotcrete Sydney can service ALL areas of Sydney – from the CBD, North Shore to the Greater West. Our fully equipped truck can get into almost any site, and we can let you know when our skilled crew can be ready to start your project.

Smooth Wall/Straight Basement Finish



Soil Retention Job


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